The Zero Waste Program

Did you know that over 90% of the waste in our Food Court is recyclable? On an average week, this works out to a staggering 630kg of garbage, the equivalent weight of an adult male polar bear!

The introduction of The Zero Waste Program brings post-consumer organic recycling to our Food Court, which enables us to keep over 90% of the waste generated in the Food Court out of landfill. This material, which includes paper plates, napkins, paper food wrappers, drink cups, coffee cups and food scraps, is picked up by our local waste hauler and is transported to a recycling facility in St. Catharine’s where it is made into rich compost that can be used in parks and gardens.

Recycling organic materials has a positive impact on our environment by improving soil and plant health, saving landfill space and reducing our carbon footprint.


Help us on our Mission to Zero as we create a sustainable environment for the future of our children.