Customer Services

Family Washrooms

Located by the Food Court, our family washrooms come complete with a dual toilet, change table and child potty in a private stall. Nursing room and child area are also provided.

Emergency Diaper Kits

Located at the Food Court Tray Station, these complimentary kits contain an infant size diaper, moist towelette and disposal bag.

Lost & Found, at Guest Services

After holding articles for 30 days, useful items are donated to the local Salvation Army. Please come see us if you’ve lost or found something in the Mall.

Free Wifi now available

We now offer FREE Wifi at Lynden Park Mall so you can browse while you shop!

Steps to Connect:

1: Turn on ‘Lynden Park – Public Wifi’ from your phone, tablet or laptop’s list of available WiFi Connections.

2: Select your login method

3: Review and Accept the Terms & Conditions on the Login screen

4: Enjoy free WiFi while you shop!

Security Call Centre/First Aid

Located at Guest Services. If you or someone you’re with needs help, come to Guest Services and we will dispatch qualified people for aid.

Complimentary Wheelchair and Stroller Use

Located at Guest Services. Feel free to borrow a wheelchair or stroller to assist you during your shopping trip. One valid piece of government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, health card or passport, etc.) must be presented, and retained at the Guest Services until the equipment is returned.



Driving to Lynden Park Mall? Finding a parking space is simple! There are 2,500 spaces choose from – including 28 special needs spaces and seven “With Child” spaces for parents with small children or moms to be.

Special Parking

Preferred parking spaces near Mall entrances are designated for handicapped persons.

Expectant/New Parent

Parking Located at all major entrances, these parking spots are close to entrances and are identified by signage. They’re available to anyone expecting or with an infant.

Bike Rack Locations

Bicycle racks are located at each mall entrance from Spring to Fall.


Parking Lot Map

The Zero Waste Program

Did you know that over 90% of the waste in our Food Court is recyclable? On an average week, this works out to a staggering 630kg of garbage, the equivalent weight of an adult male polar bear!

The introduction of The Zero Waste Program brings post-consumer organic recycling to our Food Court, which enables us to keep over 90% of the waste generated in the Food Court out of landfill. This material, which includes paper plates, napkins, paper food wrappers, drink cups, coffee cups and food scraps, is picked up by our local waste hauler and is transported to a recycling facility in St. Catharine’s where it is made into rich compost that can be used in parks and gardens.

Recycling organic materials has a positive impact on our environment by improving soil and plant health, saving landfill space and reducing our carbon footprint.


Help us on our Mission to Zero as we create a sustainable environment for the future of our children.


Lynden Park Mall aims to ensure that everyone enjoys our premises. We take this dedication to accessibility seriously. We’re happy to provide:

Wheelchair access entrances

All of our entrances are wheelchair accessible.

Special needs parking spots

You’ll find parking spots close to the mall entrances specifically for people with special needs.

Special needs washroom facilities

Our washrooms are all equipped with stalls specifically for people with special needs.

Charitable Organizations

Lynden Park Mall is a proud community partner and is pleased to offer local charitable organizations complimentary space in the common area to raise funds, gain awareness or recruit volunteers.

To request space at Lynden Park Mall, please fill out our Community Event Request Form below and send or fax it to:

Lynden Park Mall Management Office
84 Lynden Road
Brantford, Ontario
N3R 6B8
Fax: (519) 753-2878

If you have any questions, please contact the Mall Management Office at 753-8484 ext. 221

Download the Community Event Request Form

We’re always happy for an opportunity to give back to give back to a local cause, and Brant County SPCA is a worthy charity! Visit their website to learn more about the great work they do in our community!

Specialty Leasing

Interested in setting up a kiosk in the mall or starting your own small business on a cart? Look no further!