COVID-19 Procedures

Effective Tuesday, February 16, 2021 Brant County entered Covid-19 Orange-Restrict Level.

Please be advised that some retail stores may reopen at a later date, as they take extra time to prepare for a safe and enjoyable reopening.

Visit the store directory on our website to contact your favourite store ahead of time to ensure they are open and to confirm their operating hours. Mall hours are subject to change.


We ask that you follow the guidelines below to ensure your own safety and that of our community:

  • MANDATORY Face Covering: A face covering, such as a mask, bandana or face shield, is mandatory for all visitors over the age of two (2).
  • Physical Distancing: Visitors are required to practice and respect social distancing guidelines (remaining 2 meters apart at all times).
  • Plan Your Visit: Visit the store directory on our website to contact retailers ahead of time to ensure they are open and to confirm their operating hours.


  • Entrances: All five (5) mall entrances will be open and will have designated doors with “ENTER” and “EXIT” markers.
  • Security Checkpoint: Each entrance will have a security checkpoint with a hand sanitizer station. All visitors will be required to sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.
    • Security will explain the social distancing protocols to visitors and will offer to take the temperature of each visitor. Security will also maintain a count of persons entering and exiting each mall entrance to maintain social distance protocols.


Reduced Occupancy: The mall and individual tenants will ask visitors to line up outside before entering and will enforce a one-in, one-out rule when at capacity.

Hand Sanitizer & Washing Hands: We have increased the number of hand sanitizer units for guests and employees. Please ensure you sanitize your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Active Shopping: We ask that visitors plan their trip, and only enter the mall if they intend to shop. Loitering is not encouraged, and you may be asked by security to move along.

Cashless Payment: Cashless or no-contact payment should be used when possible.

Strict Sick Policy: Visitors are not allowed to enter if they are ill or have any COVID-19 symptoms. If you are unsure, please reference Brant County Health Unit’s Coronavirus FAQs.


Here are some of the ways we are working to keep our visitors, staff, tenants, and our community safe.

Increased Cleaning: More frequent cleaning and disinfecting measures in common spaces, including washrooms.

Directional & Safety Signage: Placement of signage in key areas reinforcing physical distancing and hygiene reminders.

Washrooms: Masks must be worn in the public washrooms. One-way travel routes within the washroom access corridor will be designated by arrows on the floor. A male and female washroom attendant will be stationed at the public washrooms during open hours and will track the number of persons in each washroom, and will sanitize regularly.


If you are a tenant or employee of Lynden Park Mall, please follow this link for additional COVID reopening procedures.